eCommerce SEO For 2021

The eCommerce site’s popularity has skyrocketed immensely in the last five years with digital marketing, and the trajectory has been upward. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the growth witnessed by the SEO eCommerce sites digitally has been exponential. The pandemic forced people to start shopping online even more than before, and the habit that consumers acquired during the time is expected to persist, even after the crisis ends. To stay relevant in the market, businesses must learn to grow their digital presence and checklist to thrive in the post-pandemic world. 

SEO eCommerce The Best Strategies To Boost The Growth

As online competition becomes more intense, it is essential to rethink eCommerce sites’ strategies for marketing. Incorporating the SEO practices into your online business’s digital marketing strategy will be cost-effective and efficient from the pricing perspective. It will boost digital exposure and help you bring in more traffic like never before. 

However, to enjoy the benefit of search engine optimization for the business and your products, you need to have a strategy for SEO activities and pricing that is at par with the latest market trends. It would help if you had a checklist.

SEO ECommerce Checklist 

To revamp your online shopping platform here is some essential SEO checklist for 2021, which will help you have an improved digital presence, desired traffic, and organic scaling and sales.

1.Make a mobile-friendly website 

Smart devices have become an integral part of influencing buying decisions for consumers. The visibility of the mobile devices’ sites influences the target audience like never before, so getting a mobile-optimized site is essential.

2.Faster loading page

If a page takes more than 2 to 3 seconds to load, viewers lose interest in the site. To have a faster loading page, you need to have a better development resource and content to grab your audience at budget-friendly pricing immediately. 

3. Simple site structure

A website needs to be built that helps search engine crawlers that can index the website faster by finding the inner pages. This will aid the ranking process. It also includes good SEO to help users find the page immediately with an enhanced shopping experience. 

4. Structured data for Serp SEO

If you want to aid the conversion optimization creating structured data is vital. It boosts the SERP indirectly, decreases the bounce rate while increasing user engagement. You can use schema mark-up tags to create structured data. Using snipes like name Product name, details, availability, colour, rating, costing etc., can be beneficial.

5. Target and sales driven keywords

Instead of having generic keywords, use specific keywords to lower the search volume and an SEO keyword checklist. It will enhance the conversion rate since exact and target keywords will directly take the user to the product page. This will also help them to find the product they are looking for. So invest in meticulous keyword research for your eCommerce website and then optimize it.

6. Valuable content

Organic content is vital to ensure the ranking of your website on search engines. You need to have fresh, unique content that optimizes the target keywords digitally. Ensure there is no plagiarism in the content and be informative to enjoy the top rank on SERP.

SEO ECommerce Tips

With more businesses focusing on going digital to attract traffic, it is becoming harder to generate new customers that too at reasonable pricing. In this competitive landscape, online retailers rely on high-scale low-cost marketing channels, where SEO plays a prominent role. They also follow a checklist for proper implementation. 

To enjoy the boost in organic traffic, here are some SEO eCommerce tips.

  • Use HTTPS: Usability and security for a website are vital to foster a safe environment use HTTPS.
  • Use Magnetic Meta Descriptions: To lure your audience in, use a meta tag to describe the page’s content that also features a primary and relevant keyword. 
  • Create User Relevant Content: Focus on creating content that refers to the needs and desires of the digitally targeted audience, so built the content on these three main ideas:
  1. Content with a clear vision and conclusion
  2. Prioritize quality over quantity
  3. Write for people and not algorithms
  • Embed the products: Within the content, promote your products and brand strategically without pushing it. It would help if you used keywords that focus on providing solutions to the user’s problems. 
  • Run a link strategy: Create links that are natural to your products and brands. You can implement it in three ways:
  1. Brand mention
  2. Directory sites
  3. Resource pages
  • Start Linkerati: The intention is to link others to your site, so anyone who links to your site is a ‘linkerati’, and you need to build a strategy based on that. 

SEO eCommerce product pages

To ensure that your business’s website attracts organic traffic, the product page SEO must be correct. Try following a checklist to have guaranteed digital marketing success; you can follow some tips when creating and optimizing the product pages. 

  1. Develop and implement a targeted keyword strategy that is product-focused
  2. Optimize the meta descriptions and the title of the product page that includes the brand and name of the product, model number and other related information
  3. Write unique meta and product description with relevant and targeted keywords.
  4. With structured data, mark up the product pages that have both product and review schema.
  5. Decrease your bounce rate with FAQ content about the products
  6. Use real customer feedback and reviews for the products on the page.
  7. Audit your page to ensure it does not have any technical issue and duplicate content 

SEO ECommerce Agency

To enjoy the benefit of search engine optimization for the business and your products, you need to have a strategy for SEO activities and pricing that is at par with the latest market trends. This is where SEO eCommerce Agency can give you a hand and let you focus more on your own product and services.

How Much is the cost/Pricing of an ECommerce SEO Package?

The SEO pricing of an eCommerce website in marketing depends on quite a few factors in terms of cost, like

  • Size of the business
  • Scope of the project 
  • Whether it is a one-time project or ongoing
  • Typically, an SEO firm can charge between $500 and $5,000 per month. 
  • In the USA, the SEO agencies charge between $100 and $250 per hour
  • In the US, the cost can go between $2,500 and $10,000 per month 
  • Overseas SEO agencies can charge between $10 and $50 per hour


With eCommerce changing how we purchase products and conduct our business online, it is becoming a competitive platform. If you wish to stay in business and thrive, you must implement the SEO and other online marketing strategies mentioned above for your eCommerce sites for the year 2021. These tips and techniques will help you boost your sales and improve your ROI in no time this year and the future. Don’t forget to make use of checklists as they help in easy implementation.

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